EMT Challenge Cases


S: You get a call for a 20 year old woman has recently had seizures for the first time in her life. She went to the emergency room and had a second episode of seizures just as she was being given an anti seizure drug. She was then referred to a family practitioner. Patient responded well to medication with no further seizures and she was sent home. A week later she developed low fever, burning pains when she urinated, and lower abdominal cramps and called 911. 

O: Suddenly, after you begin an exam of the patient, your partner states, “She’s crowning”. The woman appears confused and states that she can't be pregnant because she’s had her periods. Baby was born dead. It appeared to be about 6 days dead. The skin was macerated in yellow, and fingertips and toes were beginning to blacken. 

How would you handle this case?