Dr. Dave's Student Corner


Students: Go to the lessons below for your class. Answer all practice questions or problems. You must show all work on problems using a pencil. All written answers must contain complete sentences in blue/black pen in order toreceive a grade.



Extra Credit: Students should get permission from the teacher before doing extra credit work! Extra credit is limited to 10% of total points possible in class.


Internet:  Find websites that relate to class and write about the site and what is helpful about it relative to class (25 pts.). 2. Locate websites that you think are educational and useful for the class (5 pts each, up to 25 pts). 3. Jokes you provide that relate to the subject material in class are also worth 5 pts. each up to 25 points.


Challenge: Go to challenge page for your class and select a challenge question to answer. They are worth 25 points each. Help in answering them may be found in book and/or by using link page.


Wu Li Lessons: Select a Wu Li lesson and write a half page or more about it for up to 50 points. You may agree or disagree with the lesson but you must support your answer with facts or evidence.