Dr. Dave Radio

Dr. Dave Radio is back!! Sort of.  The original Dr. Dave Radio had to be shut down following the famed Napster lawsuit and resulting changes in laws governing the use of music on the internet.  Now students, patients, and visitors to Hopper Institute website can listen to Dr. Dave Radio while exploring the website or just listen to it anytime. Listen to alternative, rock, techno, electronic, trance, jazz, hip hop, r & b, funk, world, salsa and more! Enjoy, learn, stimulate your brain, dedicate music, and have fun with no commercials!  Just follow the instructions below to start tuning your brain the fun way!


1. Click here on the picture.  
2. Select "station info" button on the player. 
3. Scroll down to the "My Station Broadcasts" and click on user station search. 
4. Type Dr. Dave Radio where it asks for station name. You do not need to fill in the other information. 
5. Click Dr. Dave Radio when it comes up and it will start playing through your player. 
6. When the station name Dr. Dave Radio is displayed on the front of your player, right click on one of the player channel preset buttons. This will set Dr. Dave Radio to your player so all you have to do from now on is click the player button to play Dr. Dave Radio station! 
7. Anytime you want to listen to Dr. Dave Radio, get on the internet, click on the player icon on your desktop to open it up and then click on the station button preset to Dr. Dave Radio! 
8. If you don't like the song that's playing, just press the skip button and a new song will start to play. 
9. You can rate any song you want by setting the rate the song button which will either increase or decrease the frequency of play for that song. That way, songs you like will play more often and songs you don't like will play less often. 
10.  If you want to dedicate a song or have comments about the station, songs, etc. you may email them to Dr. Dave .   Enjoy! 


DISCLAIMER: Dr. Dave Radio adheres to a strict code of ethics and makes every attempt to keep the broadcast suitable for all audiences, therefore, every attempt is made to make sure no music or related material is broadcast that is obscene or in any way offensive to listeners. If any listener finds anything offensive or obscene in any way, they are urged to bring this to Dr. Dave's attention. Your cooperation is appreciated and will help ensure appropriate broadcasting.