Time Dilation With Thoughts



David Eagleman, a neurobiologist has shown that when subjects wearing an LED watch which flashed specific numbers too fast to comprehend were released backwards from a 150 foot tall tower using bungee cords, they were able to read the numbers accurately. This experiment supports the time slowing experience people describe just before a traumatic experience such as a car crash. Sir Roger Penrose has proposed that quantum events may take place in the microtubules of brain cells which may explain apparent time dilation associated with some cognitive processes.  This may help explain the effects of various drugs such as marijuana on time perception. If such time dilation does indeed occur, how would you explain the lack of discrepancy in apparent physical movement by the person experiencing time dilation and the observers. Is the apparent time dilation experienced by someone under the influence of marijuana or the person driving a car just before impact in a crash real or imaginary? Is it the same as described in the twin paradox by Einstein? How would you use E = h< together with the formulas for general and specific theories of relativity?