EMT Challenge Cases


S: Tanya Grim is a 4 year old female. When you arrive at the home, she is attended to by the mother. The child obvious swelling at the mid shaft of the radius and the arm is bent away at an angle. The patient obviously has a fracture of the forearm, or radius near the wrist. This appears to be a nightstick fracture. 

O: Patient was dressed in a filthy white jumper, when asked if she would like something to hold her doll, patient nodded. When the nurse responded with "What do you say?", the child responded by ducking her head in shyness, and stating “shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, you stupid whore, get me a beer.” The mother was asked how the injury to the daughter’s arm occurred. She responded with “I’m leaving, I’ve been waiting too long to get help for my daughter, so I’m going to take her to a doctor.” Examination reveals 2 bruises on face, and bruises on both arms, oval bruises the size of thumb prints, and on her back were dozens of slender elliptical marks, some were scars, but some were fresh and bright red. 

How would you handle this case?