Medical Challenge Case

Case: River of Life


S: Angela, 26-year-old female. Patient initially complained that she saw strange lights flickering that had no relationship to movement of any kind. They came and went and eventually became flares of light, which vanished. Later patient became pregnant and returned complaining that her leg was swollen. She is about 12 weeks pregnant. Family history revealed that her aunt had suffered from thrombophlebitis. 

O: Patient appears to be otherwise healthy. She is not obese and not immobile or sedentary. She has no history of surgery or a cancer. A few days following examination, her condition worsened. Ultrasound revealed that clots were forming in both femoral veins. Blood analysis showed that Angela had only 45% of the normal levels of protein C. Patient was successfully treated and then in the 39th week of her pregnancy, she delivered a healthy baby girl, She began her period four days later. Her legs were swelling and inflamed and she developed acute shortness of breath. Chest scan revealed that her right lung was not receiving normal blood flow. 

A: What is your diagnosis of this patient?

P: What is your recommended plan of treatment?