Rafaela's Poems



I would like to be part of you,

And tell you softly that you're

NOT stuck in vain.

I want to be part of the 

Hurt you call your own,

But deep inside I can't

Help but feel that

Something has been lost,

All of these dreams are


 I would like to believe

That the more you change

The less you feel,

But that's impossible.

The secret sights hide

in you. This secrets, these

promises. You're so close

Yet, so distant. But

All do is wake for

You to see this day.

Together, never-ending

Like my feelings for you...

Copyright 2001 by Rafaela. All Rights Reserved.

God, Life is just a Joke!


Should I pray for my hate to go away?

Is there a God up above to listen for my cries?

Screaming all this hate, shedding all these tears

I feel lonely in the world, cage and pin

to the ground...Nowhere to go, no one to see...

Is like a punishment but that's nothing through me...

Is just a small disturbance no one to care about...

Stop breathing...and look around all my emptiness

Inside my heart...All of this is just a joke...

A joke that you laugh at...and all these voices

Inside me tell me to slit my wrist...

Don't look back now...Keep going...keep enjoying life

...It won't last long...My house of pain, my love for

Sorrow, my hate in a bottle about to explode...

The sand in the glass is running low...All I want is

You to be next to me and make me whole...

No! You can't stop me from killing all of these...

All of me instead of this tiny bomb exploding in me...

And sharp knives pinning me to the cross...

I would like for God, he he exists, to be my friend

And never let go...like I would like you to do,

Hold my hand and guide me to a better world...Maybe

To neverland where everyone understands...

Or maybe you could be my lord, my master, and my world,

F*** the lord, the screaming of me has reached the point where God can't put up with me, where my house is a box

in which I care so much...Now I'll lie down and cry my

Pain out, I'll be waiting for you to dress in a velvet black dress...I'll take your hand and hold your love

Dearly in my heart...We'll walk down the road, we

won't look back...and be happy for once...in our lives.

Copyright 2001 by Rafaela. All Rights Reserved.



I know you are gone.

Gone so far away.

To a place where there is no pain.

I have hidden my feelings

Behind letters that you don't read.

My friends say not to keep writing

Letters like this...What do they know?

But I know deep inside, you can't hear me.

But if you do, Please tell me "I love you"

one more time.

You left me so fast, so sudden, so painful

This confusion clouded my mind.

I wanted to die. I couldn't accept the

Fact that you no longer were around.

I was left behind with these memories,

These tears, I shed Just for you, no one else.

Why? How could I have been there to help you out

From the rut you fell into?

Please, Please come back. I'd give up my life for

Yours. To bring you back. To have you by my side...

I wouldn't let go...But all I do is sit here and cry.

Cry my life away...open my wounds. To leave scars that

Witness the pain I am going through.

When will this pain STOP! When I cut deep into my

Veins and let out one final sigh...Looking straight

Into our eyes, I'll no longer cry.

Copyright 2001 by Rafaela. All Rights Reserved.