The Holos®  Program is a holistic, multi-disciplinary, and comprehensive treatment program that bases all treatment on the Principles of Wellness.  It is a highly acclaimed treatment program for a variety of health problems. Treatment is provided by physicians, licensed psychotherapists and counselors, chiropractic physicians, massage therapists, and other specialists. Holos® offers services primarily for addictions but is designed to treat a wide range of health problems that may be involved or related to addictionsincluding ADD/ADHDbrain injurymedical and/or mental health issues, pain, and sleep disorders.

    The Holos® Program is a highly acclaimed treatment program for addictions. It has been recognized by state and federal courts and has been featured in the news and other news sources. The program offers diagnostic services which include genetic analysis, diagnostic interview, testing, psychophysiological assessment, nutritional assessment, medical, and several other assessment methods. Forensic assessments are also available. Treatment includes individual, group, and family psychotherapy, biofeedbackneurotherapies (e.g., cranial electrical stimulation, brain entrainment therapy, etc.), nutritional therapyorthomolecular medicine, torque release therapy, chiropractic therapies, variations of acupuncture, life skills training, and numerous other proven treatment methods.

    Treatment is highly individualized and based on the results of a comprehensive initial evaluation, the needs of the patient, and any requirements by courts or other legal agencies. Once the problems are identified, the next important step is to identify goals. Once life goals are identified, treatment is focused on overcoming those things that prevent achieving a person's goals. This approach focuses on those issues that are most critical to the patient. The patient doesn't feel like they are dwelling on problems and going nowhere in treatment. In the process, the patient learns to apply the principles of wellness to their life and become empowered with the ability to tackle future problems should they arise without once again becoming helpless.

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