EMT Challenge Cases


S: John is 42 years old. He was attempting to cross several lanes of stopped traffic and was waved out by the driver of a stopped car but, when he pulled out into the next traffic lane, he was hit broadside by an oncoming car going about 40 mph. He was not wearing his seat belt and was thrown sideways into the side window and then forward into the front windshield. He apparently hit the windshield with his forehead causing the windshield to shatter. He had a large laceration on his forehead which was bleeding heavily. He states that he feels okay and doesn't want an ambulance. He is quite angry at being hit. 

O: Blood pressure 160/90. Pulse 92. Breathing unlabored. Respiratory rate 20. Normal heart sounds. Pupils appear slightly dilated and are reactive. Skin appears slightly pale and cool. Appears to be somewhat confused and agitated.

How would you handle this patient?