No Time Like the Present!

 The concepts of time in general relativity and quantum mechanics are quite different making the explanations for cosmic and subatomic phenomena incompatible. A physicist by the name of Julian Barbour has advanced the concept that time is an illusion . It doesn't exist!! 

 The universe at any given instant simply consists of many different objects in many different positions. We don't live in a single universe that passes through time . Instead , we (or many slightly different versions of ourselves) simultaneously inhabit a multitude of static, everlasting existences that include s everything in the universe at any given moment. Every "now" is a complete, self-contained , timeless , unchanging universeWe perceive each now as fleeting , when in fact each one persists forever . Every now is like a picture frame . Nothing moves or changes in any one frame . The frames (past and future) don't disappear after they pass in front of us . There is no movement from one "frame" to another . Some configurations of the universe simply contain little patches of consciousness (people) with memories of what they call a past that are built into the now. The illusion of motion occurs because many slightly different versions of us (none of which move at all) simultaneously inhabit universes with slightly different arrangements of matter . Each version of us sees a different frame (a unique, motionless, eternal now). How would you explain motion and the apparent flowing of time if this theory is true?