Artist Allan Albaitis 




Artist, Allan Albaitis, created the new logos for the Hopper Institute website.  Allan is a renowned artist currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada. He grew up in Michigan where he became an accomplished drummer and played in several bands.  He also completed many art projects for various publications at that time.  After military service, he moved to Las Vegas to further pursue his music career. Due to the volatility of the live music scene that saw a decline in the 70s, Allan decided to become a firefighter and EMT.                                                    

While working as a firefighter, Allan began to create artwork centered around firefighting, which became highly acclaimed. His “fire art” has become so popular, he has been commissioned by various organizations and publications to do artwork including multiple projects for Bradford Exchange.

Since his retirement in 2007 from firefighting, Allan has continued to pursue his artwork and drumming.  Some of his work can be viewed and purchased at