June 5, 2007:

Dr. Hopper was awarded board certification as a Brain Injury Specialist from the American Academy of Brain Injury Specialists. He has worked with brain injury for 25 years and has pioneered many innovative ways of treating brain injuries including coma.

September 1, 2005:

Dr. Hopper relocated his office and developed the Holos™ Program for the treatment of addictions based on his 20+ years of addiction treatment experience and research work with Dr. Blum, discoverer of Reward Deficiency Syndrome and genes associated with addiction, from University of Texas Health Sciences Center in San Antonio, Texas.

March 20, 2005:

The nation mourned the passing of Terri Shiavo who had her feeding tube and water removed by Judge Greer in Florida. Her parents took Terri's fight to the U.S. Supreme Court after the President signed a bill passed by Congress and the Senate allowing a federal court judge to hear Terri Shiavo's case. Members of the Senate and Congress reviewed the affidavits submitted by Dr. Hopper and others and worked very hard to have it ready for the President's signature after working in special session over one weekend. Judge Greer had ordered the feeding tube and water removed which would end the life of Terri Schiavo who suffered severe brain injury in 1990 and had been diagnosed as being in a permanent vegetative state (PVS).

Dr. Hopper submitted an affidavit stating that she did not appear to meet the criteria for PVS which meant that it was against Florida law to terminate her life this way. After reviewing videos of Terri, Dr. Hopper stated that she clearly exhibited at least a minimal cognitive state which would legally prevent her from having her life terminated. Dr. Hopper and others sought by the parents of Terri Shiavo were denied the opportunity to evaluate Terri in accordance with national standards for determining level of brain function. The neurological and other therapy evaluations were also denied. In all cases of PVS that Dr. Hopper has evaluated, before feeding tubes and water can be removed legally, appropriate tests (which were not performed on Terri Shiavo) are conducted so that the patient's guardian can make an informed decision.

December, 2004:   

Research paper was published in Medical Hypothesis (2004) 63: 538-548 entitled Narcotic antagonists in drug dependence: pilot study showing enhancement of compliance with SYN-10, amino-acid precursors and enkephalinase inhibition therapy. It is one of several scheduled for publication involving the use of orthomolecular therapy in the treatment of addiction. 

August, 2004:    

In a child custody case in Anchorage, Alaska, Dr. Hopper uncovered a pituitary tumor in a woman who was denied custody and visitation with her children due to repeated psychotic diagnoses by doctors who had previously evaluated her for court. He ordered prolactin and other hormone levels which revealed severe endocrine imbalances involving many mood altering hormones which would cause many of her symptoms. Psychological testing was normal despite the obvious behavioral symptoms. Dr. Hopper further testified that the use ofneuroleptic medications which had been prescribed her exacerbated her condition. The important lesson to learn here is that medical conditions are often overlooked or ignored in psychiatric evaluations and that these conditions can often cause significant psychiatric problems.

July, 2004: 

 Parents of an infant in Hawaii were charged with the murder of their baby after it was determined that he had died of Shaken Baby Syndrome. After a careful review of medical and psychological records, Dr. Hopper determined that the baby was not shaken and died of vaccine-induced encephalopathy. It is important to note that parents are sometimes accused of child abuse or murder when infants often suffer cerebral bleeds due to vaccinations. There is considerable documentation of deaths due to vaccinations which continues to fuel the arguments against vaccinations.  (cont)

While there is no clear answer to whether or not a parent should have their children vaccinated, they should study up on the possible side effects and closely monitor their children whenever vaccinated for several weeks post-vaccination. In this case the parents and pediatrician dismissed the symptoms as the flu.

May, 2003:

Legal precedence is set once again by Dr. Hopper. In Louisiana (and subsequently in Nevada) He introduced new DNA evidenceof genetic markers related to addiction in court for the first time in the U.S. or anywhere. The new genetic blood test was accepted in case involving multiple felony DUI offenses.  

November 2002:

 Dr. Hopper was elected into Who's Who In America.

March, 2002:

Offer was made for Dr. Hopper to become part of the Bioclarity® program, a state of the art treatment program based on genetic and other medical research in addictions and mental illness, which will involve the participation and cooperation of renown scientists and doctors from around the country. His office will be located at Nevada Care Medical Centers  effective April 1, 2002. All patients from Family Wellness Center will be transferred to his new office. Patients should make note of the new address and phone numbers found on the home page of this website.

February, 2002:

An invitation was made to make Dr. Hopper a member of the editorial board for the Journal of Attention Deficit Disorder.

November, 2001:

Once again, Dr. Hopper was elected to the Who's Who in Medicine for 2002. He has previously received this honor including Who's Who in Medicine for the Millennium last year.

October, 2001:

For the second time, Dr. Hopper was elected to the Who's Who in America for 2002.

August 28, 2001:

Dr. Hopper received Diplomate status from the American Board of Disability Analysts as a Senior Disability Analyst. He previously had nearly 20 years experience performing disability evaluations.

July 10, 2001:

Dr. Hopper received Diplomate status from the American College of Clinical Forensic Counselors with specialties in Forensic Assessment and Evaluation, Criminal Offender Counseling, and Youthful Offender Counseling.

June 4, 2001:

 Dr. Hopper received his license as an EMT after taking the state examination with his students. The reason for taking the exam was to go through the same process and experience as the students. This will enable him to better instruct EMT students in the future. He will also volunteer his services as an EMT to gain a better understanding of what it's like out in the field rather than from the hospital trauma department.

March 6, 2001:

The University of Iowa College of Medicine has invited Dr. Hopper to be part of a "Sleep Disorders and Neurology" delegation of doctors representing the United States in educating Chinese doctors in sleep medicine (somnology) throughout all the major medical centers and universities in Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, and Suzhou China this summer. The doctors are from various locations around the United States and were invited due to their backgrounds, experience, and expertise in the field of somnology.

February 18, 2001:

High school students from Italy requested information and assistance in sleep research they are doing. Once completed, they will send Dr. Hopper a report on their findings.

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